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Our Most Popular First Aid Kits

A first aid kit is only useful if it contains items that you might need and are confident in using. Think about your trip and what might realistically go wrongPlay around with the kit before you leave rather than try and use something for the first time in an emergency. You're going to have to carry it, so size and weight are important. Read our guide here.


Our Featured Travel App

Know As You Go

Travel health, safety and security information “as you go” for anyone travelling abroad from the UK. Available on the App Store and Google Play

  • Gives the user/s up to date country information & advice
  • Vaccine recommendations for the user/s
  • Advice on non vaccine preventable diseases including malaria
  • Emergency numbers and consular contact details for countries
  • Live alerts on important country updates as you travel
  • Secure login to app
  • Allows you to save important documentation and contacts in one place

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Mosquito Nets

Did you know that it only takes a single bite from an infected mosquito to give you malaria? These mosquitoes love to feed at night so make sure you protect yourself by sleeping under an impregnated mosquito net. 

 Looking to buy a mosquito net?  We stock a wide range of nets from Care Plus, Lifesystems, Pyramid and more.

Not sure which one is best for you? Read our advice on choosing the right mosquito net for your trip.

Remember to check before travelling to an area with malaria as anti-malarial medication may be recommended too.