Life systems Bell Net King Size

Life systems Bell Net King Size

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The BellNet King Size is one of the largest nets (comfortably covering a king size bed) as well as one of the simplest nets to hang. The bell net design means that the net's hanging section spreads out from a single suspension point - the more air can circulate, the cooler it is to sleep under. Around the base of the net there is a toughened nylon skirt with four lashing points or you can tuck under the mattress.

The quick - hang system includes spreader bar, adjustable cord and ceiling hooks.

The net is impregnated with EX-8 anti-mosquito treament that repels mosquitos and other biting insects. The treatment lasts for 2 years or 20 washes and the net can be easily retreated.

Dimensions: 250 (height) x 310 x 310 cm. Packed 19 x 10 x 10 cm

Weight: 814g

Mesh: white and 156 holes per sq inch