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How to stop the mosquitos from biting

Biting insects not only spoil the enjoyment of your trip but can transmit serious diseases. The only real protection against the vast majority of the insect-borne diseases in the world is bite prevention.

We recommend insect repellents for your skin and clothing as well as products you can use in your room.

How do they work?

Sexual Health Advice

I’m sure we’ve all watched a bit of “Embarrassing Bodies” even if we don’t want to admit it so we should cope with a few facts about sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Read the Advice

How to stay safe in the sun

How to choose a mosquito net

What is Zika Fever?

Now in store

First Aid Packs

We stock a wide range of kits including Sterile Kits which can be passed to a nurse or doctor on your behalf in the event of an emergency.



Our new Lifesystems Active SPF 25 sunscreen is ideal for travel and sports use. The cream provides broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB rays and is water resistant, so great for use in the sea or pool. The Active suncream also contains an anti-jellyfish formula to help prevent stings.

Mosquito Nets

Did you know that it only takes a single bite from an infected mosquito to give you malaria? These mosquitoes love to feed at night so make sure you protect yourself by sleeping under an impregnated mosquito net. 

We have various types of nets designed specifically to suit your individual needs from Care Plus, Lifesystems and Pyramid.


Insect Repellant

Our best selling LIFESYSTEMS EX4 ANTI MOSQUITO CLOTHING SPRAY is a highly effective clothing treatment in an easy to use pump spray. The active ingredient is permethrin and it's safe to use on your clothes as well as your backpack, tent, sleeping bag etc. £10.49 350ml.


About Staywell Travel

Here at Staywell Travel, we are a one stop shop shipping to a wide range of countries, supplying everything you will need for a short break trip to the world-wide adventure. Everything in our shop has been personally selected by our team.
In stock we have a vast range of high quality products and travel gadgets including:-

  • Various types of impregnated mosquito nets, supported or free standing, from Ultra-light compacts to Bell Net king size. We also stock Bed Bug Undersheets, insect head nets and hats.
  • Water purification systems for the group or the backpacker.
  • DEET and child friendly natural insect repellents, first aid kits and many more accessories for all your travel needs.
We love hearing from our customers, so if you have questions about any of our products please get in touch.

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